Joshua Williamson is a New York Times bestselling author who resides in Portland, Oregon. Joshua has written for nearly every comic publisher with creator owned works such as Ghosted, Birthright and Nailbiter. One of the pillars of the modern DC Universe, with an iconic run on the Flash, the longest any writer had spinning out of the DC Rebirth initiative, his role as one of the architects of both Death Metal and Infinite Frontier, Josh has cemented his reputation with fans as one of the best voices at DC. But his heart will always be with creator owned comics and building new worlds. He secretly hopes to take over comics.

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  • Tales from the Nailbiter and other Terrifying Stories! - A horror Anthology - Digital chapters. In the Nailbiter series we developed fourteen serial killers called the “Buckaroo Butchers,” but we never showed a fleshed-out history of those serial killers.  This would be additive to the Nailbiter comic series as each chapter would tell the horror stories of those killers in that world. Hosted by the Nailbiter himself. Each issue with a new guest artist. Written by Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson and surprise guests!

  • Behind the scenes look at the development and progress of the NAILBITER TABLE TOP GAME - Be there from the start as we try to make Nailbiter into a game! 

  • BEHIND THE SCENES! - I have multiple creator-owned comics in development starting with DARK RIDE #1 in October. This will be the place to get a behind the scenes look at the development of those creator owned series.

  • FLASH FACTS – Behind the scenes breakdown/posts of every single issue of my 100 + issue Flash run. Each month I will give details into each trade paperback collection.  

  • Full scripts from past projects - I’ll post a digital copy of one of my scripts. One per month for a year. Starting with ROBIN #1 from 2021.

  • Breaking in - Stories about breaking into comics. Including that time in 2007 when I had to go to the hospital in the middle of a convention but still made all my meetings or in 2012 when I thought my whole career was over. I’ll talk about the low moments and the triumphs. My hope is that other creators trying to break in to comics can learn something from my experiences.

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